Join us for a Buddhist Service & Meditation

We are a Buddhist group that meets every other Monday evening at 7:30 pm for a discussion, service and meditation. Here is a link to this months calendar. Doko & Senshin conduct the service and meditation at their home at 448 w 116th Way, Northglenn, CO 80234 Everything we do is free […]

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October Calendar

Here is what is on the calendar for the month of October: * Monday the 5th at 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm (Service & Meditation) * Monday the 19th at 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm (Service & Meditation)   We are a Buddhist group that meets every other Monday evening […]

September Calendar

One of Facebook followers wrote us recently to say that our page here and our website simply states that our services are every other monday evening, which isn’t really useful for the newer folks that are joining us. A good point and one that we missed. To that end, here […]


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We moved!

Senshin and Doko purchased a new home. Their home has been “the home” of Tendai Buddhism in Colorado since the sangha was founded in 2010. Their old place was pretty small so they had been planning on finishing a shed in their backyard in order to convert it into a […]

The Six Dharma Gates to the Sublime—Introduction 1

By Rev. Enkei Joseph Mendyka Zhiyi, the 6th century Chinese founder of Tiantai, wrote at length about the spiritual significance of the scripture we often refer to simply as the Lotus Sūtra. The full title of the sūtra that Zhiyi revered and shared with world is the Miao fa hua […]

Zhiyi, Chih-I


Violence Is Non-Violence, Non-Violence Is Violence

By Rev. Enkei Over the last couple of years I have finally noticed more American Buddhists questioning the white privilege that prevails in our community. This has taken the form of both American Buddhists of color being given more prominent voices in popular Buddhist publications and in white Buddhists engaging […]