Welcome to Blue Mountain Tendai Sangha


We are a Buddhist community that welcomes everyone new to, or experienced in, Buddhism and meditation. Our small community is led by Rev. Doko O’Brien and Rev. Senshin O’Brien from their home in Northglenn, CO. We meet every other week for service and meditation.

The last time we met we practiced calligraphy for our meditation. We used the bija characters associated with Dainichi Nyorai, Amida Nyorai and Fudo Myo-O. We take a break each year for about a month. Mainly this is to attend the yearly gyo training period at headquarters in NY but also to get some rest afterwards. We are going to start our break now but we will resume our Sangha activities on Sunday July 3rd. Please join us then for a service and meditation. In the interum, please enjoy the wonderful weather. Gassho . . .




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The Tendai School of Buddhism is one of the oldest sects of Japanese Buddhism, established in the 8th Century CE. Throughout its history, beginning in 6th century China and through its 1,200 years in Japan, Tendai has included and harmonized all the Buddhist teachings and practices, including Sutra, Pure Land, Zen, and Tantra. Now Tendai is introduced into the West in an authentic fashion, with the support of Tendai-shu in Japan, honoring this long history and continuing the unfolding of the Dharma in a form that truly expresses our aspiration for enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.