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Nembutsu, Tendai Pure Land Practices

Golden Rays at Twilight

by By Enkei Joseph Mendyka Summer has officially come to a close in the past few weeks and if you’re reading this in the northern hemisphere, you’re probably experiencing the shift toward the close of the year. Endings are often hard for people, regardless of what form they come in. The end of the summer […]


Why Madhyamaka?

by By Enkei Joseph Mendyka   Why Madhyamaka? Since this question was posed to me by a soryo at gyo with an inspiringly devotional approach to practice this past summer, I’ve been sitting with it. It is such a simple question and one that I never would have considered asking. Madhyamaka—a method of logical inquiry […]

Buddhist Service

How do I start Practicing Meditation?

by How do I meditate? How do I sit and how should I breath? My mind is thinking of so many things when I meditate so what do I do? I have been practicing for a while and now I have a hard time practicing so how do I get to the cushion each day? […]

Tendai Service

Congratulations Enkei & Eishin

by Two of our sangha member recently received ordination. Rev. Eishin Fuminobu Komura was ordained a Soryo on Mt. Hiei in Japan which is headquarters for our sect of Buddhism. Rev. Enkei Joseph Mendyka completed the Doshu program at the main temple in NY and took ordination right here in the states. On Monday July […]

Blue Mountain Tendai Sangha

“Thus I place my faith in Amitabha Buddha”

by I have decided to shake things up a bit a show a bit more of what a Tendai Buddhist service can include. I enjoy the “Daily Service” we typically use here at the Blue Mountain Tendai Sangha. The truth is we have so much more material we could use in a service though. I find […]

Buddhist Wedding

Making a little history

by The Lotus Sutra teaches that all beings possess the potential to become a Buddha. To deny someone’s Buddha nature is to deny your own potential for enlightenment as well. Perhaps discrimination against others is a reflection of something we perceive and dislike about ourselves. The journey to equal rights for the gay community in […]

Rev. Jikai Dehn from Australia

Interview with Rev. Jikai Dehn from Australia

by By Doko Christopher O’Brien I recently interviewed a Tendai Soryo priest from Australia. Since Rev. Jikai lives so far away I asked him if we could do the interview over email. Thanks so much for your answers Rev. Jikai! How long have you been practicing Buddhism? I have been practicing Buddhism since I was […]

Evening Gatha

Life & Death

by Three years ago today I received a call from my brother in law. He found my wife dead in his home. She ended her life some time the night before after having dinner with me and the kids at our place. As I listened to the words on the phone the shock immediately set […]

Sutra Copying


by Sutra copying was completely necessary long ago. If a text was important enough that you had to have it, you traveled to where the it was and copied it. The Sutras are very precious to us today but imagine how well you would protect one you traveled months to find and copied by hand! […]

christmas card

Peace to all and …

by by

Buddhist Studies

Buddhist Expertise

by By Enkei Joseph Mendyka As a graduate student in Buddhist doctrine, I work closely with professors who have a great deal of experience studying the teachings of the Buddha. We spend a lot of time reading and writing about these teachings. Because I am at Naropa University, I also am given a unique opportunity […]

Kaihogyo, Marathon Monks, Walking Meditation in Boulder Colorado, Fudo Myo-O

Mountain Walking Meditation

by The Kaihōgyō is a walking meditation that takes place on Mt. Hiei in Kyoto, Japan. The monks from the 1200 year old Tendai school of Buddhism, who commit to this practice, must walk a distance greater than the circumference of the world over a period of 7 years to complete it. John Stevens coined […]